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Everything started with the arrival of our daughter Luce, when we were looking for a crib which would allow us to keep an eye on the baby at all times, but the ones on the market fell short of our demands.
Our experience and discussions with professionals working in the field of child-welfare, pedagogy and products for infants helped us to develop other accessories to answer at best parents’ needs: they can find helpful and comfortable solutions whose quality is guaranteed.
LAIT BABY has come up with simple, new designs for cribs, cots and changing units which give parents clear vision of their newborn at any time and great comfort for the nappy change. Serene parents are an important contribution to the well-being of the baby which is like a sponge, “absorbing” every movement of mummy and daddy and sensing their moods and feelings. A parent who can easily keep an eye on baby at all times (especially in the first months which are the most delicate) can pass on much more security and serenity to the little one.
This is th story behind the LAIT BABY products, which are innovative, safe, practical and elegant.

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